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Make Your Business More Valuable — Faster.

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PROCorpStore offers our cloud-based company store technology to promotional product and print companies looking to grow their current services and earn a larger share of their client's overall spend.

Our goal is to help increase your company's value, at no cost to you. (Sound too good to be true? Read on...)

How do we do that?

  • We help you pitch and close your clients. (Bigger orders are within your grasp!)
  • We build your clients a custom online, cloud-based store filled with high quality products they've pre-approved that anyone in their firm can buy at the best prices, anywhere in the world, using their preferred device. This online store even integrates with your customer's purchasing and accounting system. And we do it all at NO COST to you.*
  • Our proprietary marketing-finance technology is so powerful, we can build their custom online store IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS.
  • We manage all back-end processes so you don't have to. Everything from shepherding your customers' orders, to taking on all accounts receivable responsibility, and providing all day-to-day customer support.
  • We fund all accounts receivables and payables. No worries about big orders being approved. Your cash flow is positive.

*Conditions apply.

What do you do?

  • Have more time to solve clients' marketing challenges and become a trusted advisor.
  • Invest your time with profitable accounts. Ditch the headache accounts.
  • Seek out larger opportunities and create new revenue streams.
  • Cash your checks.
  • Hire more sales reps as you get bigger (if you want).
  • Build a more valuable business.
  • Go on vacation.
  • Spend more time with those you love.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Breathe!

What PROCorpStore does not do

  • We don't sell or operate franchises.
  • We don't want your customer relationships. (That's what you're so good at!) Our forté is taking over all the back-office responsibilities you enjoy like a root canal. We love those back-office and technology details and we're really good at them.

Who's a good fit for a PROCorpStore Partnership?

1. You want to build a valuable company.

One you can sell for good money and finally relax — when you're ready.

2. You're worried you're going to lose clients because you lack the technological prowess to take them into the next level of business.

3. You're losing out on big opportunities with big clients.

4. You own a promotional products / printing company.

You're very proud of what you've accomplished. But — you're exhausted and you sometimes wonder why you started it in the first place.

5. You stress over supporting customers and chasing them for payment.

6. You love selling and helping customers solve their marketing problems.

7. You're sick of searching for and managing vendors who have the capacity to handle the big deals.

8. You view technology as a necessary evil.

You'd rather watch paint dry than master the mysteries of technology systems and integrations.

9. Secretly, you'd like to have a partner you can rely on.

One who makes your company more valuable, and loves to do what you don't.

If any of the above describes you or your situation — let's talk.

We've rescued so many business owners from losing their biggest clients they've worked so hard to build. They discover they're making more money than ever. Best of all, they're re-energized.

Let us help you increase the revenue you make from each client. And let clients shower you with more business, and gratitude, because they're so happy with your services.

You'll even help your clients give back to the charity of their choice with our Durkee Cares program! Durkee Cares

You've got nothing to lose.

Apply to become a PROCorpStore partner today.

Here are some of our partners and what they say:

"Larry and his team have been a blessing! Being able to compete with larger distributors has helped me tremendously. I was at a loss and they really helped me with a solution."
"I was overloaded working too many accounts and I didn’t have balance. The Procorpstore folks took on some of my large accounts so I could focus on selling which is what I'm good at."
"I was definitely apprehensive when was first approached by Procorpstore because it sounded too good to be true. They helped me secure my client with a company store, did all the work and all I had to do was massage the relationship. They have been wonderful and I look forward to our next deal."

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